My work explores the perceptive and psychological effects of color and geometric abstraction. Influenced by architecture, the history of interior design, and color theory, my aim is to create works that dance along the border between attractive and ugly. Notions of taste, playfulness, and optical effects permeate throughout controlled compositions. I use highly pigmented, matte acrylic paints that create a smooth, velvety, unreflective surface, while elements of rough organic texture created with pumice, sand, and industrial materials break up the flatness of the canvas. Channeling hard edge abstraction, design archetypes, and subjective perception, my method of working is a way to dissect what color can come to represent for an individual.


Barrie received her BFA in Art & Design from the University of Michigan in 2011, and is currently an MFA candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University. Katie grew up in the Midwest and Hong Kong, though has spent the majority of her adult life living in California. She has exhibited at various venues throughout the US, and has participated in residencies such as the Vermont Studio Center, 100 West Corsicana, the Sam & Adele Golden Foundation, and the Creative Center of Stödvarfjördur in the East Fjords of Iceland.